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Athlete Options 2018-2019

South Queensland membership options for the 2018-2019 year are listed in the table below. North Queensland membership information is available at

50% discount on Traditional Membership ($55) is available to current financial members of Little Athletics born 2004-2007 only, and to athletes joining QA through Queensland Masters Athletics.

Additional club membership fees apply (varies for each club), except BASE where members may choose to join QA directly for $10.

Base members may only compete in a maximum of 3 track and field competitions during the summer season, including QA Shield Meets, other QA Track & Fields Meets and QLD Track & Field Championships. Base members are not eligible to compete at the 2019 Australian Athletics Championships (U14-Open).

Track & Field: 12 years as at 31 December 2019 (born 2007). Younger athletes may join as a Base Member for club training and for access to cross country and walks competitions.
Cross Country / Road Walking: 6 years as at 31 December 2019 (born 2013).

More Information

Bib Numbers

QA Bib NumberAthletes are required to wear QA bib numbers while competing in all QA track and field competitions during the 2018-2019 summer season, including:

  • Shield Meets (12 meets in season)
  • Queensland Relay Championships
  • Queensland Track & Field Championships (various)
  • Other QA conducted competitions

Bib numbers are only issued to athletes when they enter their first QA competition for the season. Bibs will be available for collection from the check-in area at the track on QA competition days. Bib numbers are not posted to athletes in the mail.

Bib numbers must be worn on the front and back of your top (except jumps where only one is required), attached with safety pins. Once you have been issued with your 2018-2019 QA bib numbers, please discard all previous QA bib numbers you may have as you will only be permitted to wear your new numbers during the season.

Replacement Bib Numbers

If an athlete forgets to bring their 2018-2019 bib numbers to a QA competition they must purchase a temporary number for $5.00 from the check-in area at the track. If they have been misplaced, new bib numbers can be ordered and made available for collection at the next QA competition the athlete attends.

Upgrades & Club Transfers

Members may upgrade their QA membership type to a higher level at any time during the registration year via the following online form.

Upgrade Online

The cost to upgrade your membership will be the difference between the QA fee that you have already paid for your current membership and the QA fee for the new membership. Upgrade fees are listed below.

(Little A's Discount)


$ 100
$ 45 (Little A's/QMA Discount)
$ 210
$ 110
$ 165

Note - Members are not permitted to ‘down-grade’ their membership to a lower level or cancel their membership to receive a refund during the registration year.

Club Transfers
If you have already registered with a club for the 2018-2019 year and wish to transfer your membership to another club, please contact us.