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2019-20 Target talent program

The Queensland Target Talent Program (TTP) is a squad of 90 of Queenslands top developing talent under 20, having achieved promising results at a National Championships as apart of gaining selection. TTP is an Athletics Australia driven project to bring together each states top talent and provide education opportunities for Athletes, Personal Coaches and Parents. 

The Queensland TTP group will meet five times over the 2019-20 season at the below dates. 

  • Saturday 10th August
  • Saturday 14th September
  • Saturday 12th October
  • Saturday 9th November
  • Saturday 14th March – Pre-Nationals Squad Day 

Squad list and more information to come soon. 


Abby Craswell Andrew Craswell
Francesca MacDonald Chris Lewis
Erin Wright David Wright
Aidan Cusworth Diane Sheppard
Jai Gordon Jackie Gallagher
Joshua Roach Jackie Gallagher
Lillian Hanssen Jackie Gallagher
Txai Anglin Joanna Spyro
Hilal Durmaz Luke Donatini
Monique Hanlon Luke Donatini
Sam Reeve Mark Ladbrook
Emily Campbell Monique Miers
Nicholas Elsey Monique Miers
Amelita Case Nick Bennet
Jhairah Taylor Not Stated
Jessie Venner Not Stated
Liam Wyatt Not Stated
Jayden Taylor Brad Schofield
Kaleb Clark Patricia Boyle
Sam Hurwood Rajeev Balakrishnan
Matthew Otto Rob Hooper
Natalie Otway Sharon Dale
Fletcher Day Sharon Dale
Ashley Wong Travis Venema
Benjamin Thomas Vic Pascoe
Elliarna Mitchell Wally Plath
Abby Craswell Andrew Craswell
John Erhabor Andrew Lulham
Dylan Kruck Annette Rice
Aden Cowdroy Bailey Pashley
Hayley Reynolds Bailey Pashley
Connor Duggan Eric Brown
Annie McGuire Gary Bourne
Liam Georgilopoulos Howard Arbuthnot
Eloise Tolstoff John Crouch
Simioluwa Thomsen-Ajayi Melissa Coulston
Riley Higgins Monqiue Miers/Denise Boyd
Charlie Carroll Peter Hannan
Brendon Merton Not Stated
Ethan Petcos Peter Kropp
Justyn Rogers Bec Rogers
Kaleb Clark Patricia Boyle
Shellbee Welsh Nik Bojic
Abbie French Sharon Jaklofsky
Alexandra Roberts Ben Thompson
Benjamin Roberts Brett Green
Lara Roberts Brett Green
Ashleigh Sitcheff Nathan Trembath
Lyvante Su’emai Not Stated
Tom Stunden Julian Wruck
Tama Tupaea Mick Moore
Kajsa Shield Tony Shield
Grace Collins Ben Thompson
Ethan Smith Bailey Pashley
Will Higgins Brett Green
Sean Gallagher Des Davis
Mason Hughes Justin Anlezark
Hendre Kirchner Les Kuorikoski
William Gilmore Paul Bannister
Talosaga Kia Mick Moore
Felilia Kia Mick Moore
Emily Witt Ben Norton
Jamie Hiscock Ben Norton
Kalani Lang Ben Norton
Lachlan Cornelius Ben Norton
Leahrose Hooper Ben Norton
Max Hooper Ben Norton
Sam Heeremans Ben Norton
Bridget Morrissey Brian Chapman
Kyle Willis Brian Chapman
Emily Casaclang Charles Chambers
Alysha Camm Gerrard Keating
Benjamin Gibson Jackson Elliot
Sayla Donnelley Jackson Elliot
Cooper Bell Jayden Russ
Flynn Pumpa Jayden Russ
Patrick Thygesen Jayden Russ
Charlotte Alexander Lizel Moore & John Davis
Keira Moore Lizel Moore & John Davis
Nikita Moore Lizel Moore & John Davis
Jacob Gross Not Stated
Alexander Stitt Not Stated
Jessie Venner Not Stated
Daniel Bounty Peter Bock
Tekara Aimer Peter Bock
Jayden Taylor Brad Schofield
Shae Rooney Ron Martinenko
Bridget McCormack Steve & Margot Manning
Zoe Manning Steve Manning
Chantelle Chippindall Alison Chippindall
Desi Johnson Antony Drinkwater-Newman
Dylan Kruck Annette Rice
Laylani Vaii Bailey Pashley
Ashley Moloney Eric Brown
Mason Tiver Eric Brown
Connor Duggan Eric Brown
Kiara Condon
Tiana Richards Ralph Newton
Benjamin Guse
Eloise Tolstoff
Emelia Surch
Caitlin Hannigan Dave Smith
Kris Hayward Ron Martinenko
Nelson McCutcheon Tony McCutcheon
Camryn Novinetz Dave Smith
QA TTP Overview

The Queensland Athletics Target Talent Program (QA TTP) is a high performance pathway program funded and regulated in partnership with Athletics Australia. It is strongly aligned with activities of the Athletics Australia High Performance Department and has been established to:

  • Act as the early talent identification component of Athletics Australia’s High Performance strategy.

  • Encourage the best young athletes in the State by inviting them to be part of a State level squad and participate in development opportunities.

  • Encourage and develop the best local coaches through recognising them as State Coaches.

  • Create meaningful contact in the off-season between State Coaches and the best young athletes in the State and their personal coaches.

  • Create a National pool of identified coaches in each event group (i.e. State Coaches for Sprints & Hurdles, Endurance & Walks, Jumps, and Throws) who model best practice at the local level.

  • By identifying and engaging Queensland’s best junior athletes and coaches through development opportunities, the QA TTP aims to encourage them to achieve their potential and go on to represent Australia at youth, junior and senior levels.

Selected athletes who meet the inclusion criteria and their personal coaches will be invited to attend QA TTP Squad Days which will incorporate a combination of relevant event group training clinics and both general and event-specific education workshops.


Squad & Inclusion Criteria
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