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Queensland Athletics' A & Q Squads

The Queensland Athletics A & Q Recognition Squads recognise an athlete's achievement in track and field.

The A & Q Squad program has been a resounding success. In its inaugural year (2013) the squads recognised the achievement of almost 250 athletes. In 2014, the squads grew to 300 athletes, before growing to over 400 athletes in 2015. Now its its sixth season since its inception, QA is excited at athletes taking up the challenge to keep squads above 400 members.

For the 2017-18 season QA will be recognising athletes by providing them with a squad uniform and public recognition via the QA website and alternate mediums. In 2017-18 QA will be providing uniforms to all athletes who have achieved a standard.

The 2017-18 A-Squad and Q-Squad will be finalised on July 1 2018. The qualifying period for the squads begins 1st July 2017 and concludes 30th June 2018. As athletes qualify for the the squad they will be notified via email. Athletes qualify for the squads automatically by achieving the entry standards. Queensland Athletics will review nominations at the beginning of each month, with athletes added to a squad to be listed on the website. 


2017-18 A Squad

The A Squad, "Australia's Top 8", has been established to recognise the very elite of Queensland talent. 

The standards have been set to reflect predicted "Top 8" performances nationally in the 2017-18 season.

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2017-18 Q Squad

The Q Squad, "Queensland Talent", has been established to recognise the Queensland athletes that have achieved a performance of notable standard.

The standards have been set to reflect performances of a standard above Australian Championship Entry Standards that have not met the A Squad standard.

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